Self care series: Fuel from within

This post is second in my self care series. Read part 1 here

Ever realized how seemingly insignificant things you do add up and impact your wellbeing more than some big ticket items? Sure, that 1 hour massage appointment will do wonders for your back, but things that you do everyday will keep you going longer than a random salon session. Things like being mindful of your posture, eating well, writing yourself some affirmative notes.. shmall but mighty!


Have you heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? basically, when you feel drained and low, you can’t really tend to your daily tasks as best as you could when you feel refueled and energized. It’s common sense, no Aristotelian discussion required really.

But if you are still not sold, lets go over some small things that you can do to fuel your mind and body and leave you feeling like your best self ever!

First come choices

Every day, we are choosing. We may not choose our circumstances, but we choose how we react to them. In fact, the only thing truly within our control is ourselves and our choices.  It’s all we have. Choose to be kind to yourself before you show kindness to others.


Fuel yourself from within.

Start from the basics, vow to be mindful of the food that goes inside you. Don’t just eat for the purpose of feeling full, instead focus on each morsel you eat, be thankful for it, make it count.


Eat your favorite food, make it a daily or weekly ritual for yourself to disconnect from the world for a while and be all ears with yourself while you eat it.

Make it exciting by trying variants- juice your favorite fruit instead of eating it whole, grill chicken instead of frying it, make something entirely new from scratch. Basically, block your inner desi aunty voice telling you not to screw things up and get experimenting!


Self-care at its core is about incredibly simple and usually free acts. These acts are often forgotten or simply ignored due to their insignificance since we naturally tend to focus on more elaborate and fancy definitions of ‘me time’. So let me know, what is your favorite me time activity?


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