Self-care series: Lit from within

I’m a huge fan of the self care and wellness trend as you probably know already, but I also feel slightly overwhelmed by it. I mean, where do I even begin?? From meditation to zumba to simply drinking more water, it feels like the list of to do’s is endless. So, for those of us just dipping our toes into being a bit healthier, I thought I’d start off with a few easy ways to up your wellness game.

Warm Lemon Water

Ignore that ice in this picture, drink it WARM! (Just a nice shot I wanted to add here!)

I have recently started drinking warm lemon + honey water first thing every morning. Treat it as a kind of challenge for yourself to make it exciting, make a small ‘lemon water’ station (I know people have coffee/tea stations) in your kitchen to remind you of it, use the fancy glass you’ve reserved for your guests, don’t just make it feel like another item on the morning to do list.

I love creating small rituals for myself that I can incorporate into my daily life, no show stopping items but more of those tiny things you do to show yourself extra love.


First, lemon is guaranteed to give you 100 watt skin, if you keep on track and drink it every morning. I’ve been strictly drinking it for a week now and two people have told me I have ‘good skin’- I confirmed if they were talking to and about me, affirmative. BAMM! Nobody ever said that to me, that’s mission accomplished!

Second, Lemon is a natural diuretic and helps the body let go of any extra salt it’s hanging on to, which decreases bloating. Its also a miracle detoxifying agent that helps your liver flush out crap- so whats stopping you?

GOLDEN MILK aka Turmeric milk

Lets admit it, we desis love our majestic masala concoctions and no recipe is complete without a few teaspoons of at least five different kinds of spices. Does that make our food amazing? Absolutely! Do we stop and think about why we are adding them to our food? No, cz ami did!

Izzah’s amazing Turmeric Milk Tea. PC:

Truth is, turmeric is a powerhouse of a plant, its anti-inflammatory effects will blow your mind (and of course, inflammations) away. To this day, my mom makes us drink turmeric milk for every kind of pain imaginable! Gave birth? Drink haldi doodh. Bumped your foot in the wall? (What are you, blind?) Haldi doodh. Broke your bones? Haldi doodh! (ok, may be not for broken bones!- or may be yes?!) There’s got to be some wisdom behind this, I am fully convinced.

Try this authentic recipe by Izzah from Tea for Turmeric and prepare to sink into its soothing aroma!

Find a self-care practice (or a set of practices) that work for you and make a commitment to do them as often as you can. Make self-care a priority in your twenties so you know how to take care of yourself, don’t wait for your shaadi to get kicking!

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