Self care series: Routine matters

The past few weeks, I had started to fall in a rut. I was waking up late, skipping breakfast and rushing to work, only to arrive late (not to mention, hungry). It was just a lousy start to my day and I felt miserable – things needed to change!

By adding 15 minutes increments to my waking time everyday, I’ve been able to wake up an hour earlier, have an easy and slow morning and not feel like I am rushing through life.


So, I wanted to share this high wave of positivity that I am currently riding, with a few tiny habits I have incorporated in my daily routine recently. Like they say, you will never change your life unless you change something you do daily.

Get in the habit of doing small, easy exercises every day

For me, it’s taking the stairs to my office (that’s six floors) instead of taking the elevator every morning and sometimes, before lunch also. Even simple stretching is just as good if done consistently. If you keep a journal, tick of everyday that you incorporated exercise into your day- seeing a tangible list of your progress will considerably motivate as well as help you hold yourself accountable.

Don’t carry junk!

Ever looked inside your bag, unable to comprehend why you lug around half of the things you do? Are you one of those freaks who carry five different shades of lip colors or countless pens or receipts from your last grocery run? (*raises hands*!)


Clean your hand bag frequently; it takes ten minutes and makes your life easier. Next time you dig in to search for your keys, thank yourself for those ten minutes you spent clearing out your bag!

Make your bed, every single morning

 It’s such an easy way to make your living space feel uncluttered. Brownie points for you when you come home to a clean and tidy bed, ready for you to crash into!


Sneak routines into your day

We are creatures of habit- so naturally, we derive a lot of comfort from routine, repetition, and consistency. So if your weekend consists of Netflix binge, pair it with a favorite dessert or a cup of tea (sometimes I make a DIY scrub with baby oil and sugar and mindlessly rub my hands and feet while watching TV).

If you like to read books in bed, light a candle in the background and enjoy the light scent in the air.

dsc_0097 (2)

If you’re trying to take care of your skin more, lay out your three favorite skincare products on the dresser so you can apply those with minimal effort or thought every morning.

Find as many opportunities as you can to sneak routine into your everyday life. It keeps you consistent.

Simplify your surroundings

Maintain a (practically) clutter-free living space. Clean out your closet. Get rid of the things you haven’t worn in the last 8-12 months. Only buy items that you truly want and have thought about.

DSC_0352 (1).JPG

Avoid impulse purchases, give yourself at least a day to consider if you need something before you jump on purchasing it. Chances are, you don’t really 3 pair of classic black jackets.

Be aware of your surroundings, give everything a space. Appreciate the peace of mind that this behavior provides.

Until next time!

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