Self care series: A preamble

Picture this:

You’re rushing from one room to another because you still have to fold the laundry, feed your baby, change his/her diaper, make lunch, vacuum the apartment, wash the dishes, take the trash out and buy groceries. (I literally wrote out my weekend to do list!) Miraculously if you survive all of the above, you still have to call your parents or family, take a bath, iron your clothes, change said diaper again, try to act romantic with your husband, may or may not fail to do so and catch up on the golden commodity i.e. sleep!

This is probably a mom’s daily routine, its not recognized and appreciated and she is probably never thanked for it enough. But I digress, that’s a topic for another day. For now, lets talk about how and why you need to change your attitude towards yourself, putting yourself first..

Now picture this:

You’re seated comfortably in your favorite spot at home with a face mask on, your room softly fragrant with a scented candle burning in your background, your baby is asleep (or handed over to baba), dinner is served and you can do anything you want in the next hour.. How does that make you feel?

In a world where a million things are constantly competing for your attention, all you need is to have a conversation with yourself, to allow yourself to switch off, not aim to be a super mom, not fall victim to FOMO (‘Fear Of Missing Out’ for non-nerds reading this) nor compete or compare, just take care of yourself first and know that you are doing enough, that you are enough…


Because here’s the real deal: self-care at its core is about incredibly simple and usually free acts. These acts are often forgotten or simply ignored due to their insignificance since we naturally tend to focus on more elaborate and fancy definitions of ‘me time’. So let me know, what is your take on self care, me time and self compassion?

More of this self care action coming up in the next few weeks on this blog- I am SO excited for it, pliz tell me you are too!

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3 thoughts on “Self care series: A preamble

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  1. Most of the times getting ready for work becomes my me time(if it counts as one lol)But one thing that I have learned in the last few years is that one should always have an assigned time as a way to nurture their mind and refresh the soul and it can be as simple as praying or whatever makes one happy!


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